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....hmmm i recomnmend you guys get some kinda merchandise to expand ur worldwide thing ... ill proudly wear a lederer t-shirt heh you guys just keep coming up with better songs everytime i visit your site ....thanx for you 
time late . 
- Rick 


Thank You for putting some of their music on the net. I probably would never have heard of this AMAZING band without the mp3s. Are they planning on releasing an album any time soon? If so, I am definitely buying it.

Thanks Again,


... wie geht's denn noch so? Wird ja immer professioneller die Sache! Ich
hoffe ihr kennt mich noch wenn ihr mal berühmt seid! ;-) 

Viele Grüße aus Heidelberg,

Hi there :-)

My name is Davi- I work as the reviewer for the indie musician network AID FOR BANDS.

After downloading some of your songs I was really impressed and I have written a review of 4 of the songs from your site on the AID FOR BANDS website. So please come along to




Wow! You have some unbelievable talent. Anyone who doesn't pick up on this is a fool. I wish you all the luck in getting signed. Hopefully, someone here in the US will catch a listen. I'll pass the link along to ny friends in the music biz. In the meantime, I have placed a banner and link on my main webpage to try to spread the word. Good luck! Keep up the good work. Visit me at :

Take Care!
Melsy :o)

Haha - but I am biased - thanks to Volker!

You guys rule - I have just read through your whole page of feedback and it seems to me you have quite a few fans. Take it easy guys and give us some more of your fabulous music!!!!! I can't wait.

Inspirational thoughts to you (and hugs to Volker of course :) )

Love Anna xx

i have just listend to your music it was mint stuff ,(very 80's) in the uk i love it keep it up.

rick ..


hi dirk!

auch nich übel, das neue stück "i´m gonna be that one"! ...für mich bleibt "waste me" trotzdem (immer??) an der spitze!! hast die w-seite auch wieder verändert- find ich gut! was macht tim eigentlich? grüß ihn von mir! (bitte :o) hab mich lang nicht mehr gemeldet, war auch lang nicht mehr auf eurer seite.... bin trotzdem dabei .... !!!!

viele grüße

Ok, so I found you guys on Napster.
I really like your music.
We've got a club here In Buffalo, New York, USA, where your music has been getting some playtime, and I think we'd be interested in having you play here, if you wound up touring the eastern states.
Any chance?
Black Sunrise



I have told you that I love you? I do, i swear. "You Don't Know" just became my new favorite song. It will be proudly spun on my show and whatever club dates I do. Have you given any thought to putting the lyrics to your songs
up on your site? I'd really like to see them. btw, thank you for thinking me.



I'm really happy because I found you in the net. I'm from Argentina and your music is relly good!


Faby Castro


ich bin Chriggi von der Band FormerStation. Wir sind aus der Nähe von Bonn.
Ich bin durch Zufall auf Deine Website gestossen.
Ich würde gerne mehr über Dich/Euch erfahren, zumal die Feedbacks ja sehr interessant klingen.



I was amazed by the incredible sound you guys have! It is a marvelous mix of Covenant and like every body says...DEPECHE MODE! 
I cannot believe you cant get a label to sign you! Do you have any news regarding that? Please do a big announce when you go on tour! Im from Montreal Canada but I am coming to Europe this summer, do you play somewhere?
Please reply if you can, but meanwhile congratulation on such good work!

Another fan!

Marc-André Gerbeau


bin über eure Anzeige in der Zillo gestolpert. 
Die Mucke ist cool. Weiter so.

hi there, i'm a montreal, canada based musician, i've been making music for about 10 years now. i have came across your page by accident recently and i must say i really like your work. well a lot of people i know really like your song "you don't know" i know about every dj here in the "scene" and your song sometime plays in clubs here, because of me ;) anyways, when i like something i tend to make it listen to the right people. so the purpuse of this mail is mostly to ask you if i could do a remix of that song, and/or possibly collaborate on something. if you want to hear what i do, go to:

the sound quality is a bit bad because on it has to be in 128bit but anyways it gives a good idea of what i am working on right now, there is a big excitement here in montreal about my project and my song plays a lot in clubs since it's out. so if you're interessted, just e-mail me so we can chat about all this. by the way i'm not looking for money or anything else, i just like good musical challenges and i do it for my own enjoyement, and if people like what i do then it's just fine :)

keep on the good work

endlich mal wieder korrekte wave lala. 
kein klischee-gesülze über blutwurst.


habe eurer zillo ding gesehen.
sehe ich ein licht am ende des tunnels ?!?

Moin Meine Guten!

Hier Daniel mal wieder! Find's cool, dass ihr in der Zillo als Werbung steht! 

Is doch schonmal ein Anfang auf dem Weg zur Veröffentlichung!
Also, macht weiter so! Wie siehts mit neuen songs aus? Hab ich mal wieder Grund mich auf neue Ohrwürmer zu freun? Wär cool! Also man liest
Euer Daniel!

I listend to your songs!
I got them from a friend, on my server!
I would like to tell you that after that over 10.000 people downloaded them and a awful lot asked me where I bought the album. So as you can read, there are al ot of fans that want to buy or download an album.

Hope to get a reply!
good song! give me more info about this group and others like this.

You guys are great!

It's like Depeche Mode but yet unique..I like very much..



keep it up. would love to know when u might travel to the USA. 

just found back your site and I must say it's really nice.
I noticed Cedric already contacted you guys, but I'd like to ask if I could recieve some of your material, could be nice to get you all into Side-Line


Finally! I got to download the new song, (Had problems with my p.c.) and it sounds great! I'm glad your still working and putting out new music. Never stop, never quit and never forget you got fans out there! 

very cool

Hello from Cyprus!!!!!!!

Love your music - Best of luck and when you are famous...don't forget your friends!! 

(Nicholas + Christina). 


Hey there Dirk!

Thank you SO much for the lyrics to World Wide!! It means so much to me that you really take out the time for your fans. I really admire that. ;) I am definatley going to put those to good use (for our home videos). Who knows, maybe I can even send you a copy (as a token of my appriciation - heh heh). I hope you guys all the best on your tour (when are you coming to New Orleans, Louisiana?? We all would love you guys here! Even if it was just me, my sister, and friends - heh heh!) Well, the crowd is building up and waiting for you guys. So come anytime. ;) 

Once again thank you Dirk (for the lyrics and great music!),
Your fan and friend,


Got recommended your stuff by someone - who I've completely lost track of. Either way, definitely good stuff. Been trying to find out more about you since hearing the tracks, but you're not very easy to track down - but I finally did on Side-Line.
Get yourself on quick as this is the first place many people will look.
Saying this we're not on there!! (Ho hum... yet another thing to do)
Anyway, I'd recommend trying to contact a few bands you like looking for support acts, approach some promotors. We've found the best approach is to get a support slot
and then blow them away. We often get told we're better than the main act! I think you too will get this type of comments.

If you want a remix done - another good way to get some publicity is to remix people
- then give me a shout and I'll see what I can come up with.

It looks like you're heading in the right direction though from the news section.

M. (XDVR) (Narcissus Pool)

I run and DJ at two clubs here in Ireland, The Tower (Dublin) and Intermission (Belfast), and i do some DJing in the UK . It is hard and expensive to get decent new music here, and i am always on the lookout for exciting new bands to unleash on my audience. Mainly the stuff i play is everything EBM / Industrial / Electro, from the well known stuff like 242, Apoptygma, Covenant, to unknown bands like Landscape Body Machine, 
BatteryCage etc... My crowds take well to most new stuff that i play, and i like to keep with the new stuff happening in the scene.

So, if you had any DJ promos, CDs, press packs that you could send me it would make me happy, make my crowds happy, and give you some free promotion and advertising for your bands and label here on this side of the water. I also do distribution and live promotion, so if you wanted distribution here or your band would be wanting to play over here, i could perhaps get that sorted.

Anyway, thank you...
Chris ...

Microshaft Explorer let me listen to your MP.3's, but not save them to disk

I have a Macintosh, not a PeeCee.

I like the tunes...

Matt in Canada

Hey you guys in Lederer.

And as an Old Depeche / Yazoo / OMD fan, you made my heart melt. This is was I have been waiting for since the good old days with real Synth musik.
I am very impressed by your musik, and I will defenetly spread the word.
Thank's again

Henrik from Denmark
remember me?
sara from Portugal as i said, i loved "against me" and i just finished downloading the rest of your musics and have already listened to it goes:
i dind´t like "world wide" very much, although its good, it´s not much my style.i liked "you don´t know", loved the sound of the voice in that music:) it sounds realy great!
and i also liked "loving feeling" although my favourite is still 
"against me" :)

kisses, take care and please don´t stop!

Hey my names Rick im from the U.S i just heard all of your songs my favorites are AGAINST ME, YOU DONT KNOW, WASTE ME, AND WORLWIDE.
let you know also if you guys ever create a cd that is for sale ide 
appreciate if you sold me a copy and i cant burn any CD's because my burner is messed up anyways THANX for your time and Good Luck because i know how hard it is to get your music heard around the world anyways i talk to much so im just gonna stop and say goodbye and you guys kick ass!!!!Later. 
hey im erika from usa
I LOVED IT i really like your type of music, i am really into the 80s and a bid depeche mode fan, i guess if i had to pic a favorit it world have to be"against me" i just love it so when are you guys going to come out with a cd (i will for sure buy it) well i think if you show the record companies all the recuests people have made for a cd they will sign you on and if they do please let us now and put it on your website fast! and untill then keep up with the mp3's thanx
Ich hab da mal eine fragää, wäre es möglich mir eure songtexte zu schicken??? Ich hab vor eins eurer Meisterwerke in der Schule als Liedvortrag zu singen!
Würd mich tierisch freun, wenn das ginge! Bin besonders am Text von "World Wide" interessiert! Also dann, hoffe auf baldige antwort! (Eine Gute Note hängt davon 
hab! :-) )
Ich sage nur DANKE!
World Wide ist auch klasse!
Lederer I must say that U truly inspired me to do a similar thing, coz I'm making my own website, with some of my own music(I'm a home DJ). I just wanna say thanks for the inspiration, and U guys will one day Conquer the world (FOR SURE). I have also spread the message on a danish chat - unfortunately I can't Burn songs down on a CD, without a CD-burner. Have U tried to write an e-mail to a Record company, where u put Your songs with the mail or just write the Website address, I think it is worth a try. I have just downloaded "World Wide" looking forward to hearing it. I would like to try making a mix of one of Your Songs if it is OK with u. Pleeeeeze 
Mail me back

Thanx for some great Music
DJ MSH(a newbie in the unknown music industry)

Muss mal was zu "World Wide"
sagen: Der Song is der absolute Hammer!
Das is der Beste bis jetz! Jedes mal wenn
ich den höre, fang ich an zu träumen! Der
Refrain geht unter die Haut! Und saugeiler
Text! Alle Achtung, ihr habt meinen Vollen
Respekt! Macht Blos weiter so! Sonst gibts
Ärger! ;-) Also Dann, bis bald,
Euer Treuer Fan
Hey, Thanks. Keep them coming.
just wanted to let you know, I played "waste me" while i did my club tour and it went over really well! there were a lot of people on the dance floor. 
great job! 

if you want to see the playlist, you can go to click on 'playlists' and then on '2001' and then i'm the top one (may 19th,guest dj arianna)

~dj arianna
Good day Lederer!
I have listened to your songs from the web site, and i am quite 
impressed! I read the site saying to make your name known, and i took the liberty of playing "waste me" and "against me" at a local high school dance party. People enjoyed it, and i told many of my friends of you talents and site. Keep up the good work,
Hab mir heute ein Poster von Euch gemalt, wird es sowas auch
irgendwann geben? Bin nicht so ein begabter Maler! 
I have to say that even though I've just recently gotten into the 
electrinica/indudtrial scene I must admit that you guys are great. I'll do my best as to burn a few copies of your songs and distribute them among 

Buffalo, NY. Contact me when you guys get a record deal, I'd love to hear 
hey guys,
I really like your music. I have not heard many German bands before. I was wondering if you could recommend some German industrial bands that you consider good. Here in the U.S. the only German band that has really gone mainstream is Ramstien. thanks.

p.s. when are you going to make a CD? I will definitely buy it when you make one.
Euren neuen Song finde ich auch nicht schlecht,  

aber "Waste Me"; und auch "Against Me" sind trotzdem besser!

I d/l your mp3's and am enjoying them imensley. Keep up the great work
guy's!! :-)))

I love it, like 80's Retro with latest grunge. Would love to hear more, hope the 80's is on a comeback. Please notify me of new songs and or send them to me. Thanx, Sean

Hallo Ihr 3!

Ich finde Eure Songs sehr gut und ich werde mich darum kümmern, daß Sie im Radio gespielt werden! Ich habe einen Freund in Neubrandenburg (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), der macht alle 14 Tage auf NB-Radiotreff eine 2 Stunden Sendung, wo u.a. Synthie-Pop, EBM, Electro, Gothik usw. gespielt
werden. Ich werde mir gleich eine CD brennen und sie ihm mit Euren FAQ´s zusammen geben. Dann wird er Euch bestimmt in sein Programm mit aufnehmen.Ich werde Euch noch informieren, ob und wann er Euch spielt und dann könnt
Ihr im Internet reinhören! 
Hier schon mal die URL:

Die Sendung heißt T. & G. und läuft 14tägig Dienstag um 17.00 Uhr.

Also bis dann mit vielen und erfolgreichen (für Eure Band) Grüßen aus


hi from the 5 tracks i downloaded i think their excellant,,,,sucker for the human league,omd,ultravox styles. keep it going sounds great


Hi i am from São Paulo , Brazil, and i just download your songs and love it so much... 
where can i buy the cds in internet ?
Do you know some store in Brazil that sell them ?
I really love that songs and will show to my friends.
thanks from Brazil

Ich meine, daß man sehr deutlich heraushört, daß "der gute Tim ein deutscher Bub" ist. Aber den Text versteht man. Also da gibts keine Probleme. Naja, ich studiere Englisch und bin da ziemlich pingelig *g*. Also ich könnte mir vorstellen, daß deutsche Texte auch nicht schlecht klingen würden. Zumindest würde es sich etwas hervorheben.

Ich hoffe, ich höre bald wieder etwas von Euch. Arbeitet ihr eigentlich schon an einer CD, oder gibt es schon eine??

So, und jetzt wünsch ich Euch eine gute Nacht.

To whom it may concern.

Is there a full CD for purchase??
If so could you send me info regarding how to go about receiving it..  Any and all info about the band and there music would be great.. Keep moving ahead, never find a complacent place, strive for greatness...




habe euren link vor ein paar tagen von einer freundin aus wien bekommen. hab dann auch gleich die mp3s gesaugt, und bin von 'waste me' ziemlich begeistert.

leider ist die klangqualitaet nicht so gut. macht nix, habs trotzdem heute in meiner radio sendung gespielt. (futurepop auf


Cooler Sound und 71k downloadspeed :-) 

From Brazil...
You have great songs. 
I discover your site right now. Y'll recomend your site to evrybody i know. My name is Bruno Sabino Saunders and i live 
in Brazil since i was born. Hehehe. 
My stuffs are in and 
you can take a look in my little Gabriel.
Thank you for turn my music box too better. See you soon...

Good Sound
I totally dig the song "AGAINST ME". Can't wait to here more, I'm hooked. 


gratuliere..ABER mehr power in die stimme sonst OK

thanks for the link,  nice site

Love Your sound

Huge fan of D.M. & cure and other such bands.
I really enjoyed what I heard.
Can not wait to hear more! Will defiantly pass your Url around!

New Fan in U.S.A.


-but no thanks.
"Against Me" is too monotonous musically and the words too hard to understand. Thanks anyway.


hey someone turned me on to you and i'm glad they did great stuff keep on 
keeping on. 


You guys are rocking Detroit tonight. I'll pass this along to station 89X in Windsor Canada.

I think its great for mixes - in german house scene - 
so i will send it to a friend - hes a dj on private radio station in germany bavaria and so i hope its ok for you - 
you can listen to it on WWW.HOT-FM.DE - at friday night - with audio streaming -
I stumbled onto your website..and wow, great songs..btw, Tim, I must tell you you're a HOTTIE .. wow... where can I find more pics of you? :o) When will you be in the US. I'd love it if you'd write back.

Sincerely a dedicated new fan,
Venessa from California

more songs please

Great music . what else is there to say . BURN BURN BURN every 1 needs to hear this.

Checked you out on the web very good. Damn now I have to download all your music on your site.

Hi There! 

I can't believe what I've just heard! You are one of the greatest bands out there, and I really can't wait for you to produce a whole LP... I'm a huge DM and Camouflage fan from Mexico City, and you guys are really a breathe of life! Just one question: Where can I find the lyrics?
Keep up the good work, 'cause you are really amazing


Listen to your song. FUCKIN-A!!! Great shit. Have you tried Century Media for a record deal?

"If a shitty band made of 15 year olds can get a record deal, why the hell can't you." Keep tryin I wanna see a record. 

Exellent music. I was wondering if I brought a burned c.d. to a d.j. in a club would it be okay for them to play it. I live in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario Canada. Where are you from? Take Care.

Habt ihr in nächster zeit mal ein konzert in berlin?
wenn ja sagt mir doch bitte wann und wo....danke
viele grüße
die zauberndeMaus (Tanya)

Die Musik ist auch wirklich gut. Ich drücke Euch die Daumen
und werde auch noch etwas Werbung für Euch betreiben.---Weiter so--

I've just downloaded your song 'against me' at ''. It's a cool song but I never heard your bandname before. Are you a new band, playing music in 80's style or is it an older record?



just thought id let you know


Hallo lieber Dirk, Volker und Tim,
viele liebe Grüße aus München.

Auch mir hat jemand bei Napster Eure HP-Adresse gegeben mit der Bitte es zu versuchen. Und hier bin ich. Sofort wurde alles geladen was zur Verfügung stand. Beim ersten hören aller Lieder war "Waste me" mein Favorit. Aber ich glaube nach mehrmaligem hören wird es wohl "You dont know" werden. Ich bin auf jeden Fall begeistert und werde Euch weiter empfehlen.
Ich hoffe man hört bald mehr von Euch!
Tschüß Miriam


grüße aus berlin !!! hörte "waste me" bei fritz, habe ihn gleich aus dem netzt geladen. veranstalte hier einige party´s und bin dj im 
kesselhaus,c-base,duncker,arena-berlin,usw, sowie scout für maschinenwelt rec. also: "waste me" ist echt der knaller und vielleicht hast du (ihr) lust mir eine komplette demo cd (md,...) zuzukommem zu lassen !!! würde mich freuen. ansonsten 
gib ich einfachmal die netztadresse weiter, jo.

grüße nach koblenz aus berlin,

I was just intorduced to some of your mucis like Waste Me and Against Me and I like it very much. Keep up the good work. Where are you guys from exactly? 

Just great! Congratulations from Mexico City. Rocio.
My name is James and I used to live in Germany for seven years at a place called Rietberg. I have a lot of German bands on my MP3's and a friend gave me your website address. I listened to the music you allowed for download and as you have asked burnt a few CD's and gave them to friends here in the UK. I have also sent the songs to other friends in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa to mention just a few. Great sound and I hope you get your label soon.
Take care and all the best,

Congratulations! Your content has been recommended by! 

The content appears on the page titled: "Scooterboy666" and reads as follows: 

Ich war wirklich angenehm überrascht, vor allem Waste me gefällt mir :) Ich werde euch in meinem Online Radio spielen, habt es euch wirklich verdient, seit die erste Band in der Liste die nicht auf CD erhältlich ist :)
kick ass
Ich hab grade 'nen bekannten bei SPV Hannover angerufen. er will sich eure Musik mal anhören.

mache selber Musik

ihr findet mich unter /independent /dark wave/ bionic tribes

cu. und viel erfolg!!!

Hi Lederer, sorry but,I don't speak english or very bad and I don't understand your message, but if I can help you or if you speak french a little contact me

I wait of your new.

Download lederer
It's great music.

Greetings Barbara
You guys sound great! I wish you the best of luck in getting a record out. I'd buy your CD. I'm already a fan. 

Thom Clay 

Ich komme gerade aus meinem Club
ich habe Eure Songs mitgenommen - der DJ spielte "Against me"
es war ein guter Abend!!!
Gibt es denn wirklich noch kein Album? Kann mir nicht vorstellen, dass es so 
schwer ist ; Ihr seid doch echt gut! 

hey keep up
wow...pretty cool sound...keep up the good work...I downloaded all of your work...

hi there.
 Just a note to tell you that the cd arrived today.I let you know when it`s aired.that was one of the most promising new synth bands i have heard in awhile:)
 all the best
Hab mir dieses "against me" mal angehört und find`s nicht schlecht....
Wir (Usarian) sind selbst ne Electro-Band und immer dran interessiert,mit ähnlichen Bands gemeinsame Konzerte oder dergleichen zu organisieren...Nur gemeinsam ist man ja stark.
Eure WEB-Tour ist ja witzig...sowas wie "live im I-Net"?????
Kenne eher nur die "echte" Bühne.;-)))))))))
Bei Interesse schaut doch mal auf:
und laßt was von Euch hören

Beste Grüße

Franky c/o Usarian


My friend in Japan gave me your url. I am in Seattle wa. I am going to check out your songs and play them at my gigs. I will let you know how they do.
Dj Kemal
my site:
the club's:


Hi there
I run a a small Gothic/Industrial/EBM/Darkwave Club night in the north of England. Someone contacted me online and reccomended that i download a few of your tracks. I did and i was very impressed. Anyhow i decided to play "Against me" while i was DJ'ing last saturday to see how well your music would go down with an English crowd i placed it between: 

Mesh - It scares me, and
Apoptygma berzerk - fade to black

two of the greats i am sure you will agree. I thought you should know that it filled the dancefloor, the english crowd loved it. Many people asked me what it was and who it was by. I will follow it with "Waste me" next time i DJ. 

Keep up the good work and i wish you well with your search for a record deal. I will pass the site adress on to Ressurection recordings (and a couple of others i know about) here in the UK and i hope they get in touch with you.

Good Luck for the future



Awesome musik, good synthpop.
I love it and will be sure to pass it onto all of my friends.

Keep up the good work, I am sure you guys will get signed soon.


( calgary canada )


Where have you been?
Very nice songs ..............:)


Great sounds, really driving rhythms. Be careful not to overuse the singer's voice. It's a good voice, but has the potential to make you sound always the same, similar to Stone Roses. Modify the voice, mix it up, do some choruses, echoes. Not too much voice, though, because your rhythms are really perfect. You should go to computer game developers, the music is a perfect match.

the way the song "Against Me" starts out is great, but the beat kinda gets old in my opinion.. i would suggest getting it a little harder about 30 seconds into the song. 

well anyway, thats just my opinion, and im into stuff more along the lines of korn, and disturbed, if you've heard of them.. i hope this helps you, and keep up the good work!



your music is great!! can u send me a picture of the group if thats ok 


I don't wanna be too strange, but.... the thing I like more than others is the photo on the home page. Congratulations for the accurate work!
ciao, Betti



Ich heisse Johann. Ich wohne in USA, in Ogden, Utah. Ich studiere Geschichte, und Deutsch bei Weber State Universitaet, aber mein Deutsch ist sehr gut nicht. :)

So, with that, I will switch to English.  My goal is to live in Germany for a few years.  I must say, "Against Me" is a really good song. I havent' as yet been able to download the others, but will. Also, I noticed you live near Koblenz. Well, I used to live in Germany; at Hahn Air Force Base. I wonder if you know it. Well, good luck, and work hard. You will become successful.



Well here's some feedback. U need to be darker. Not
being rude, just honest. Lyrics R good. Beat is good,
just to light n cheery. U r still good though. Thanks, Crystal P. 19 NJ(usa)


Impressive work, such a great reminder of my favorite late 80's and early
90's tracks. Keep it up!



I just wanted to let you know that you guys are great!!!

Fred & Alexandra


Hello Lederer,
impressive work, i enjoyed listening to your music very much. I 
have also sent your URL to some of my friends. Keep up good work,
New fan,


that's really nice but there is too little MP3's song.


great listening, good luck. Philip in Iowa


Hi Leute !
Ich bin djcrossy aus Himmerich (look at
mein programm beinhaltet auch ne menge EBM und Electro
ich probier eure scheibe am weekend mal aus 


good day.
i like your music. i know a couple of djs. ill try and get you played here in rochester.good luck


I dont know how to express it but i think the group has a good chance especially in the gothic semi industrial scene cause all of my friends like it whom are goths and industrialist and im out here in the los angeles area. beatufull job 


umm.. I wanna use Against me in a CDmix I do for my friends...



Hello From Singapore

I downloaded your songs from your website and i must say that i am truly impressed.

Thank you

Hey Guys, 
I really liked "Against Me" it reminded me quite a bit of the great old 80's band "Information Society." Keep up the good work. If 
you have a mailing list, could you keep me on it? I'd appreciate some information about upcoming releases, etc. Thanks again. 
Keep up the good work. 

hab mir gerade "against me" gesaugt... wirklich absolut top!!!!! 
weiter so!!!! schaut doch mal bei bei 
vorbei.....wird euch bestimmt auch Torsten

great tracks. seriously great.

How do you do it? What equipment do you use, what 
skilled knowledge must you have in order to make your 
music. Is there any advice you can give to an interested
novice/singer/songwriter who wishes to make electronic music?

Thank you, and keep up the good work.


you guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!! i love the synth and cannot 
wait to get more songs or an album...please let me know

Chicago, USA


My name is mark and I play bass in a band called The Zap Toys. 
We all think that Lederer is really amazing. The Zap Toys are kind of along the same lines as you guys are and I thought maybe we could collaborate somehow. We're from the U.S. but I thought if you guys were going to tour here, we could play together. We're not signed or anything, but we're very confident that we will be successful.


Hello! from Mexico City:
My past time is dowload mp3 files


Just wanted to say that the music you guys make is really cool. Your stuff is really good and I'm surprised it's only 3 people in the band! Your songs Against Me and Waste Me is really good. Keep it up! Wish to find the lyrics too!



Hi Lederer, I'm an Italian boy, I'm a graphic artist and i build multimedia project in CD-Rom or for the web.
I like your music!!! it's great! If you want in a future to open an Italian web fan club write me.....
bye Giulio 


So, I have just one thigns to say about youre music,, i'ts very well , I love ! Continue your job that allright!
Oh, and sorry for my english,, I'M french but I try.



I just finished listening to Against Me. You've really hit the melodic,synth-pop sound you're going for. The music is good, and the vocals have the right attitude. I would recommend a lot more vocal processing.


I love your music. It's up there with all the big boys!


Hallo Leute,
nette Seite und geile Mucke! Ich kenn ein paar DJs (protz!) und versuch mal das Ganze bekannt zu machen. Hoffentlich hilft es was (auch im Interesse der Fans!!!) ;-)
Stay cool and go on like this!


This Rocks...!!!

The subject speaks for itself...very impressive stuff!!!


GOOD LUCK GUYS I REALLY LIKED WHAT I HEARD, Unfortunately I cant do much to get you out there... if you have any more music to send my way id be glad to hear it .... might even be able to get some earplay here in New England...
all great things come to those who wait, even a life time is nothing to great things... just wait



"against me"
very good..very catchy


FABULOUS. do you think you could send me the lyrics? i couldn't find the lyrics to your songs on the site, i just downloaded waste me, i'm looking for new stuff to play
during my upcoming club night :)



Hi from Australia

Your music is awesome particularly Against Me. Please keep recording, you've got a fantastic sound. I can see your stuff getting really big in the goth scene over here.
Keep up the great work.
P.S. Your virtual tour is a great idea!


Hey! I just wanted to say keep up the good work. Your music is OUTSTANDING! I plan on burning a copy to a disk and sending it to a local alternative rock radio station ( to see if they'll consider playing it on air.
I hope you have a CD out soon.
San Diego, California


Ich komme aus Canada, Montreal. "Waste me" ist die erste Sang die ich höre von Sie und sofort ich "download" die anderes.

I will continue in English... which is easier for me. I heard about your group by a friend, also in Canada. By reading your FAQ, I assume that you don't sell CD... yet! But I have great confidence that I will happen very soon. 

What else to say... Eure Musik ist ausgezeichnet! Ich liebe sie. Make more songs! I can't wait to listen to them!

I would like to say good luck, but don't need it since you have so much talent!

Sandra : )


Great songs!
Great feeling!
Keep up the good work!
Greets from an Italian synthpop fan

hi this is gaby i hear lot about you


listened to your music,got that 80's feel to them,i adore it!!


hallo ihr!

ich wollte euch mal fragen, ob ihr schon nen deal habt. schreibt mir mal ein
bischen über euch. ich mag das lied "you don´t know" ganz gerne. vielleicht könnte ich euch weiterhelfen.
ich arbeite bei yam! weiss nicht ob ihr das kennt. is ein jugendmagazin wie die bravo. eine stockwerk tiefer is die redaktion vom "musikexpress". ich kann ja mal sehen, was die von euch halten.

meldet euch mal bei mir.
liebe grüsse


Hey !

Hallo an alle, besonders der Lederer Band !
Die Lieder die hier FREI runterladbar sind, sind einfach nur der Hammer, besonders Waste Me hat bei mir einen besonders tiefen eindruck hinterlassen !
Ich werde wohl als nächstes einen Link bei meiner Page einbauen, der hier her führt, damit immer mehr Leute wissen, das es "Lederer" gibt ! Danach werd ich wohl jeden den ich kenne diese Musik vorspielen, und ich bin sicher Sie werden wohl genauso begeistert sein wie ich !

Ich wünsch der Band "Lederer" weiterhin viel erfolg, jede menge gute Musik, und hoffentlich einen Plattenvertrag, der es in sich hat !

CU, Hendrik 



My name is Kat. I'm 18 and from Orlando, Florida. Someone told me about your band, and I am simply blown away!! I have not been this moved since I first discovered 'the cure'. You guys rock!! Keep me updated if you ever come to the states or anything to that extent. I would love to promote and work for you. Let me know how I can help. Your music needs to be heard. 
Its about time!



i was just wondering is there any other songs and groups we can download from? thanks a lot.-heather


Habe mir "against me" heruntergeladen und lausche gerade der Musik...
Geht gut...

Bis später... Maik.


lederer crew: 

you guys definitely have a keen ear for good, poppy hooks without going overboard with it. 

i was wondering how open you are to people remixing your work? i am a  progressive house / nu skool breaks producer from Washington DC and I thrive on doing remixes of good vocal tracks. 
either way, good stuff guys. keep it up! 

- a|an. 


Thanx for the MP-"Frees"! My favourite is the Track "You don´t know",
cool 303-FX!


Hello Dirk,
I've just received your CD, thank you very much. It sounds very promising...
I'll write a review for the next edition of SL (around July). 
I'll keep you informed

Best regards,
Cedric [chief editor assistant] 

Hi, my name is Shannon and im from Phoenix, Arizona. I heard your music and I absolutly fell in love with your music, and i was wondering how 
i could purchase a cd, or tape.....or if maybe you could send me a demo tape. 
please let me know. 

Hi, my name is Shannon and im from Phoenix, Arizona. I heard your music over napster and I absolutly fell in love with your music, and i was wondering how i could purchase a cd, or tape.....or if maybe you could send me a demo tape. 
please let me know. 


And sure enough I really enjoyed your music. The mp3’s I downloaded have a very nice deep sound to them and your vocals are well produced. Anyway if you need any help with your website let me know, I have my own site . I noticed some of your English was a little off in the text on your site so if you would like some editorial help let me know. I’ve got some friends who work at the local collage radio station, I’ll see if I can get you some airplay. J Later



Good song I like it wish there was more bands out there with this sound it reminds of how music used to be in the 80s and early 90s back when bands used to get noticed for there talent not how many units they can sell keep it up music always comes full circle just make sure your riding the spectrum when it happens See Ya

The music was great, thanks.
For some reason they had allot of static though.

Hey Jungs,
cooler Sound!!!
hört sich gut an!
Gibt es noch mehr von euch?



Have downloaded 2 songs so far. Very good!!! Will your cd's be available in South Africa?
Hi there.
I whow rites this works as a dj on the students radio here in 
bergen,norway.Here i have a show where i play gothic, etheral, darkwave, synthpop, new romantic, etc. The show is totally 
indiependent and can be reached by 300.000 people.The show is aired every saturday between 1500-1600 hours.This is right after the stations top ten playlist so in other words it is on prime.time.The reason for me writing are in quest for promo material.I therfor kindly ask LEDERER to provide me wirth 
some.All material recived are assured airplay and will eventually be seen on my playlist which can be found on the following location http:/
Any material sent will be greatfully appreciated by the undersigned and can be sent to the adresse below. Nothing`s better than if the stuff are shipped of right away.

all the best
yours sincereley

Gutes Musik
Eric F. Kottke
"Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle." - Abraham Lincoln
Hi, my name is Leonardo, I am from Brasil ( south America ), and I just loved your songs. I hard about you in my ICQ.
Alles gut !!!! 
Auf Wiedersehen !!!!

Hi, someone told me about your music, and I really like it!! Some of my favorite bands are Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, OMD, Petshop Boys, Pulp etc. I really like the beat and instrumental rhythms of your music, especially "Against Me". I thought that recently few people have been interested in synth pop, so I'm very glad to hear about your group. Were you influenced by any other musicians in particular? I wish you the best of luck!

Great tunes.

Lissa - Operations Manager-ISM
Wall Street 
New York
Great Music! Great site!

Hello, I downloaded your songs and I liked them very much. I will burn a CD and give it to a friend.

Thank you for this opportunity.

Paul (Australia)


Hi to you all from Australia,

I just want to say how much I love your music, especially Against Me. I can't get that song out of my head, and keep playing it over and over. Keep up the good work, I am sure that you will have a big future.

Thanks for the Music,

Hi Guys, 

Just downloaded 'Against me' and enjoyed your sound very much.
I'll be recommending you to my buddies. Keep up the good work.
Your songs have a great sound. I really hope you guys get a label. I'll be looking for you guys.

Memphis, Tennessee
U. S. A.
I loved it all. Make some more. It's that simple.


I just read your FAQ from the webpage, and I wanted to let you know that I will be burning some CD's and giving them to friends and some local DJ's.

Thanks for giving some free music, I'll try to purchase albums soon.

Jay R. Wren

Oh wow, I have to say that this is ABSOLUTELY COOL! I will pray for your success! I haven't heard anything NEW like this in ages. I don't know what else to say, I am speechless. GREAT job!

Spanaway WA, USA 

WoW ! I have download all your MP3's, I love them all !!!!
Your music is great ! sounds like the 80's ! 

Hope new songs will be uploaded soon !
Will you be notify us when the CD comes out ?

Be sure I will tell all my friend in Québec about Lederer !!

Take care,

Québec - Canada
hey, i was listening to your music, and it sounds really good.....i hope you guys get a label, and come oer her to where im from (toronto, ontario, canada). you have been playing since 1998? cool. how old are you guys? I'm 16, female, from toronto (duh), and i love lots of diff bands.... 
the cure, depeche mode, skinny puppy, ministry, marilyn manson, nin, love and rockets, yada yada....i enclosed a pic for god knows what reason? 
okay, bye guys.... 

I just wanted to tell you that your band is great, great sound, great music. You got a big Depeche Mode thing going on, ha? Well, it's very good.

Man your music is too cool!!! I haven't heard a sound like yours for a very long time. Is there a CD out on the market to buy? If not, will there be one soon?
Carlos G.

sounds stupid to say, but you guys are great. thank u for the songs.

I just got a round to listening to your music. I think it's awesome. I have a friend who likes this kind of music, I know he is going to flip when he hears it. I have already burned the music to one a compliation cd of mine. I will be checking back often for more. if you are going to release a cd I would be more than willing to buy it.

Do you have a cd out yet?? I like the 80's sound ALOT!!! Let me know, I will buy one.
Thanks again!

I downloaded your songs from your website because I thought they sounded good and the singing was good. Thanks for the tunes! Keep up the good
thanks for the free mp3s, good music! i actually found them on napster, seems a lot of people have them, good luck, I kept your site so I'll look for more of your music!

all the best,

I love your songs! They're awsome. I told a lot of freinds and they like them too. Waste Me is my favorite. Keep up the good work!


Cool das du geantwortet hast, es wäre echt total geil wenn ihr einen plattenvertrag machen würdet, aber ist wahrscheinlich net soo einfach.auf jedenfall fettes lob, die musik ist echt genial!! daniel hat mir die page gesagt, und seitdem läuft die musik bei mir die ganze zeit :-)
wäre cool wenn du mal wieder mailen würdest!!
mfg Franziska alias Schwarzer Engel...


Can you send us a CD for review for airplay?
WBER 90.5 FM


I Just love your sound =) It kick´s ass Cheers!! /Wintersorg


against me - awesome!!


Hey Dirk, 
this is Candace again. I just wanted to compliment the band, sometimes I dont get a chance to really listen to the songs by a band we work with. Because so many come at me I usually give it a few minutes and if it's good we go for the band. I finally got a chance to really listen to "against Me" and that is a damn good song! I want to give this song some playtime down here in FL so please let me know how to go about getting CD's so I can give 
them to the DJ's down here and get you guys played. 
Just a little shamless thing here...and honestly, I am a musician myself so I know good music and also, I only give a compliment when I mean it so this isn't just something I'm saying to hear myself talk in a matter of speaking. If you guys keep going this way you are really going to make it somewhere.. I mean it, the sound is great , the beats are very dance-able and the tunes are 
really catchy. So, I'll probably be seeing a promo for Lederer coming to tour America soon :-) just promise me I wont have to buy a ticket haha. 
Looking forward to getting the interview questions back and giving you guys some much needed promotion and publicity 
much love, 


Ich bin großer Gothic Fan und mir gefällt die Musik total gut!!
Es wäre echt voll geil, wie Daniel schon sagte wenn ihr einen Plattenvertrag machen würdet. Also wenn es CD´s gib bin ich eine von den ersten die eine besizt!!
Macht weiter so!!!
Euer neuer Fan, SchwarzerEngel


Viel Erfolg!
Benedikt aus München

Thanks you !!!Great musics....:-)
Sent for friends your add >>home page.
I am Luana, from BRAZIL. Love, love musics >lederer.......


Bin durch Zufall bei Dir gelandet... 
Cooles Werk Dein Against me. Habs als Tipp an nen DJ aus dem Raum Hamburg - Hannover gegeben, er wirds auf jeden Fall in Seiner Hütte spielen. WEITER SO!!!
Hab mir bis jetzt erst den einen Song gesaugt, Rest kommt gerade rein...
Gruss und viel Glück weiterhin...



Aber ich muss hier mal ne kleine Kritik loslassen, der Gesang ist ein bisschen zu leise, es würde nicht schaden ihn ein bisschen lauter zu machen, damit er etwas besser durchklingt.
Also, immer weiter so und veröffentliche Deine Lieder immer schön weiter auf dieser Seite.



cool songs on your Page.

Thanks for free downloads

Bye Mathias


hallo .. lisi hier..
eure songs wurden mir empfohlen..
froh bin ich..
echt gute musik..
eine cd wär echt nicht schlecht !!!!!!!

viel glück..


Got your URL from someone on Napster and I have to say that the songs are fantastic. The music scene here in Chapel Hill, NC is quite unique and I will definitely burn a few CD's and pass your stuff around. Keep up the good work and write/record enough new stuff for a complete album. Hope you get signed. Jeff from NC/USA


Not Bad !!!


P.S.- What does OBM stand for and what other songs do they have? You sound really good together....


Hey, what's up Tim? (I'm sorry if this is not the vocalist, I'm sort of assuming)

I was online and I was talking about how much I absolutley LOVE DePeche Mode, and someone told me that if I love DePeche Mode I'll be really interested in your music. So I figured I would check it out....they were RIGHT! I think that your music is really mezmorizing and I am definety interested. You sung me into being a fan...he he. Because I love the beat and your voice so much, I would really like to know some of the lyrics. I can hear some of the words, but not all (like Against Me, for example). I just think that the singing and the enchanting beat of it is so well done that I would really like to know the lyrics. I would REALLY appriciate it if you could send me some....any! I'm very interested and I gather that you're kinda' new. That's great-there are so many people (me being one of them) looking for music like this. Well, now that I've probably flattered you to death, I think I better let this go.... :) Thanks and I hope to hear from you!!

Your new fan,
A.K.A. ~Mystical~


just downloaded the tracks from your site.

"against me" and "you don't know" are really good, "waste me" and "loving
feeling" not really my taste but good enough to like :)

I like your sound, i'll be sure to spread the word.


Your music has a super sweet groove to it... When are you coming to Dallas????


Someone on Napster told me to check you guys out!
If you get a chance check my band out:

Life Less Ordinary - is a Modern Rock Band
download our new single -'Where Are You Goin'

We would love to help promote you if you return the favor!

Also, if you ever tour through the Midwest of the USA
maybe we could play with you!
good luck,
Lane (gtr4llo) - Life Less Ordinary


klingt irgendwie wie aber toll ,daSS es sowas in zeiten von brittney und co noch gibt!!
werd die sachen auf meinem ftp schmeissen und weiterempfehlen!


Just went to your homepage and downloded "Loving feeling",did not have that 1 yet.Live in the USA and just discovered Lederer in last couple weeks(thru contact from someone on napster).Love him!!!!!!!!
Bookmarked your page,hope to see more songs and pics soon.
Thanks!!! Good job!!!!!!!!!


Ich hab mir zuerst "AGAINST ME" runtergeladen --> cooler Track, und ich lade zur Zeit Eure anderen tracks runter. Ihr macht echt gute Musik.
Macht weiter so... Ihr habt das Zeug für was Großes
Keep on playing

Stefan, Köln


well you have a new fan in Quebec ,Canada !!!!!!

I just love your sound , keep on going it's great !!!


I downloaded this song and it's great. I make CD's to use in my Spinning (aerobic cycling) classes and it's a great way to get large exposure for your music. 



I have gotten a message through Napigator or something via's OpenNAP server, regarding your Synthpop style music.

I have listened to all five tracks available on your website. I like 
Against Me, Waste Me and You Don't Know. OBM's Feel is slow, but I will keep it around too. I am from Canada and listen to much more upbeat Dance music normally though. For example: Gigi D'Agostino to name one artist.

Good luck,

************************************************ your synthpop!

Hi I from Los Angeles and I really enjoy your love of synthpop. 
That type of music is really huge here than any part in the 
United States Mostly every club in Los Angeles has a 
synthpop night, it has various forms here, the type I think u 
like is called locally, new wave romantic. 


Neu Romantik

Sounds like Cabaret Futura part two.


Where can I find your CD's? Your music is awesome!


Bin aus zufall auf deine page gestossen. habe vor ein paar jahren selber musik in diesen still mit 2 freunden gemacht.....
leider war nach den einbruch in unseren probebraun die sache zu ende......
musik gefaehlt mir ...
weiter so ....

gruss kersten


I Love your music...I have downloaded every song and have them on my napster downloadable list...I also found a link to a page which can help you get started its...




I really like what you do.
Keep on.



Dear Dirk,
I checked out your site and downloaded some songs; I think they are great, and I have played "Waste Me" and 
"Against Me" on my radio show "Chartreuse Translucent" in New York.



Great music - you guys are on my napster share now. Just sending the mail so that you can let me know when the CD comes out......



Excellent sound. You guys have a great future ahead of you. Keep it up. There are many Americans hungry for this sound. Like many others across the pond, I'm sick of the rap/hip-hop. For all you Americans that love synth pop, I highly recommend you check out "Welle Erdball" also. Keep us updated Lederer and keep up the good work!

Austin, Texas


Just taking a few moments to tell you that you should continue making music until you succeed; the music's good! Please don't leave us on our appetite,make some more of your music available to the internet community. Thanks and
good luck...


love your music. would like to hear more. I would like to get enough songs so I can burn a cd and spread it around




love your sound
Just a note to say u guys are gonna be big and I'll be able to say 
I got some of your first sounds.
I'm passing this on to many of my friends thru-out the USA 
(I know they will love the music 2)!!!!
Lisa, Dallas Texas


You guys are very good. Where are you? Do you travel? I look forward to hearing more from you.


ich hab mir ja eigentlich "waste me" von euch nur runtergeladen, weil ein freund von mir zufällig auch lederer heisst, aber ich bin nun schlichtweg begeistert und höre mir das lied schon zum hundertsten mal an. jetzt hab ich mir auch die anderen lieder geholt und bin schon sehr gespannt...
aber der grund meiner mail ist eigentlich ein anderer: wenn ich nicht durch zufall auf eure lieder gestossen wäre, hätte ich echt was verpasst. normalerweise höre ich bei uns in österreich fm4 (ich weiss nicht, ob ihr schon davon gehört habt, aber sie spielen nur gute sachen ;-)) und da bekommen häufig newcomer eine chance sich vorzustellen.
deshalb wäre mein vorschlag, dass ihr mal an mailt und ihnen vielleicht einen link mitschickt. ich würde mich auf jeden fall sehr freuen von euch auf fm4 zu hören und verbleibe

mit freundlichen grüssen markus


Hi there.

Loaded your songs, they are great, a real DM sound.
Though i still prefere the sound of DM with Vince Clark still in the band.
Nevertheless, keep on like this, it just have to lead to breakthrough.

Take care

The Enlightner


habe mir zwar gerade erst euren song "Against me" runtergeladen und werde weiter saugen,
aber mein erster eindruck ist:
- gut
- lass euch noch ein paar für euch individuelle sequenzen einfallen
ich höre mich noch in andere songs rein und melde mich.



ich wollte euch mitteilen das ihr wieder einen gefunden habt der euch gerne hört.
ihr seid mir von einem ami empfohlen worden.
coole musik ..........macht mehr davon
grüße aus deutschland


Well you have another fan. Stopped by your site at the recommendation of a Napstarian. I have been listening to your tracks for most of this past weekend, and I really like "Against Me". Keep up the good work!


Santa Barbara, California


Great songs!
You've got yourself a fan in Sweden



Hy Ihrz!
Hey, kennt ihr mich noch? (king_of_Mortyr) Wollt mich nur mal hier verewigen! Gutes neues Design! Frage: Wann gibt's ne "Vollversion" vom OBM Song? Der gefällt mir echt gut! Wann gibt's was neues Von Euch? Kann's kaum erwarten! Okay,
Peace @ll! Und: WEITER SO ! Ihr Seid Spitze !


das ist ja wirklich genial! Gibt es denn keine CD davon?


I'm very 
appreciative. Your music is excellent. Where have you been? I've been looking for something new for a while. I can't wait for my girls to get home from school to share. They're going to love this as well. 


hi Dirk,
ich wohne zur zeit in einem Studentenwohnheim, die 4 Lieder die bei Napster oder bei erhältlich sind, werden bei uns hoch und runter gespielt !!!! Bei Napster fragte mich ein Amy ob ich noch mehr von euch hätte !
Ich hoffe das überzeugt.
Macht weiter so. Ich hoffe das ihr bald noch mehr freigebt !
Ach ja, ich arbeite in einer Disco darf ich dort das Lied anspielen ?
bis dann und immer schön mucke machen !!!!!! 



Great job guys!  I will definitely be putting your music into my collection so others can download it from me. Each and every song was worth the download and I can't wait until you release a CD as I will definitely be one of the first in line to buy it! Keep up the excellent work and good luck!

Denver, CO 
College for Financial Planning 


Lederer = Solid, silky rhythm, no edge. Dance. I likes it. 

Hallo Tim, 
habe mit Jule und Jessy gerade "Waste Me" heruntergeladen und bin ja echt überrascht. 
Geiler Sound und super Stimme. Kompliment. 
Mal hören wie Eure anderen Lieder sind. 

Viele Grüße 
Jule, Jessy & Tom 
Geile Mucke
depeche mode darf sich warm anziehen !!!! lol


Hello from Canada:

I just downloaded 3 of your songs from your website.
I am very impressed with your songs. I am a huge Depeche Mode/New Order fan of synthesized music like yours. Looking forward to a CD release. Please keep me informed on its release date.

Keep up the excellent song writing.



Seit Depeche mode hab ich nicht so mehr sowas
gutes gehoert. Bin zwar kein dark anhaenger
aber hoere alles was gut ist ! Hab eure Seite empfohlen bekommen. Nur sind 4 Lieder mir zu
wenig der guten Musik. Also weiter so !!!

Gruesse QuickErazer 


This music is core, really amazing. I am a fan of Depeche Mode, New Order, The Cure, Alphaville, Midge Ure, Erasure etc etc. Your music rates as high as theirs. Simple at the same time complex and versatile. I will be watching for a CD release and if you have one out please let me know.

Hello Lederer-
Brian L. from WetWorks Electrozine, here. Thought I'd finally drop you a line with some feedback on your music. I just heard the track "Against Me" on Real Synthetic Audio and I must admit, I am very impressed at what I heard. Very enjoyable and addictive blend of synthpop with an EBM edge.

In any event, I am writing in the hopes of possibly receiving your material for review at WetWorks. I am also a DJ at WZBC, Boston College's 1000 Watt radio station, where I host a weekly show called "The Industrial Factory" ( I would also like to give Lederer some airplay on my show to get even more interest in your music. 


... I liked it

I downloaded against me.
I like the beat, however the vocals in the background are very muffled and need to be more prominant.
Reminds me a little of New Order.
I will download other songs later and let you know.

I am an 80s NewWave / Electro DJ in Atlanta GA USA. I was one of the 2 DJs who helped introduce Wolfsheim to Atlanta and they love it. I will play your stuff in my Dance Clubs.
Have a good day


Keep up the good work. 


This sounds really good, I look forward to hearing more from you in the future. 
Keep up the good work. 

Las Vegas, Nevada 
gotta say.. your stuff is pretty good...
i 'll spread the word about you in my college..
good luck....

p.s. i know how hard it can be for a band.. a frend of mine is playing
in one... and their are still not signed, also, so they have to tough it

Wer ist denn der Sänger? Der gefällt mir recht gut!
Ok, viel Spaß noch, ihr macht das schon!


sounds really good... I´m gonna visit your 
site for some more times. 

thx, thomas from tel aviv /israel


Excellent music!!!! I just downloaded 'Against Me', and will shortly download the rest of your songs. I am a goth/industrial/synthpop dj in Milwaukee (just north of Chicago) U.S.A. I gaurentee that this song will get regular rotation (and, if the rest are just as good, they will too). Anyway, if you decide to release a full-length cd, feel free to contact me. I'll gladly buy it 
(or if any promotional things are released, please let me know). When Marilyn Manson was unknown, 
I told him he would make it big after a concert. 
I'm telling you, that with the right promotion, 
so could your band.

Thanks, and keep making the good music,
DJ Zee


I like your music. I'm currently an overnight DJ for a college radio station in Miami. I could slip a copy of your CD in the Music Director's box if you'd like. 


I recently stumbled upon your website. I downloaded "Against Me," loved it, and downloaded the other songs available on your site. Im a huge fan of 
synpop, especially when its pounding out of the speakers of a dark angsty club.

Artistically, I think the mix on "Against Me" could have a little bit more voice in it, but that is beside the point.

If you ever play a club in New York City, let me know. Ill be the first 
there to see you.

A New Fan,


I like what I hear. I'll pass the word around Canada for you.

Good Luck


Any chance of coming the the USA
You are awesome!!!!!!
Tony-Net, Inc.


Hallo Dirk,

Mann eure Musik gefällt mir gut - ich höre mir gerade "Against Me" an!!!! Ich möchte gerne ein Review über eure CD schreiben. Wo gibts denn die zu bestellen? Es würde mich auch freuen, wenn ich ein Band-Report über euch verfassen könnte. Ich würde dann in den
nächsten Tagen dir Fragen zukommen lassen.

Mit den besten Empfehlungen



I just checked out your website and I really enjoyed your music. I will keep it on my napster so other people will be able to hear it. I am also going to tell my friends about it. I wish all of you good luck with getting signed and hope to hear more music from you. 

Best Wishes,
Catch you on the flip side.
Bradley (a.k.a. Punjester)

I love this site!! 

Put me on your e-mail list or something!!


Ansonsten muß ich sagen das sich das ganze doch sehr professionell anhört und ich mich dabei ertappen mußte "You're all again, again, against me..."
vor mich herzuraunen....

Dieses Muzik ist fur Tanz gemacht. Immer schreiben, halten nicht. Danke sehr.

da schlaegt doch mein dunkles herz gleich hoeher,wenn ich solch feine musik an mein ohr lasse.


This band is awesome. My girlfriend downloaded your mp3s from your website and I really like Against me and Waste Me. 
Are there albums available for purchase on line?


Do you have more songs than just what is on your web site? 
Get a burner, and some blank CD's and some graphic 
labels...shit, I can help you sell them here for like 
$10/ can probably sell a few thousand =)


habe against me heruntergeladen und jetzt bin ich begeistert. die anderen songs habe ich auch gleich und falls noch nicht  geschehen (was ich mir nicht vorstellen kann), solltet ihr euch mal am fritz ( wenden, die spielen öfter mal euren richtung...

viel erfolg noch.



Hallo ich wollt euch nur mitteilen, daß eure Musik zum besten gehört was ich seit langem gehört habe.Macht weiter so und der Plattenvertrag ist so gut wie sicher.Eine Frage habe ich noch: 
Ich stamme aus dem Ruhrgebiet und hier sind DM und Wave Partys keine Seltenheit, nun habe ich die Möglichkeit eure Musik evtl.einem DJ zukommen zu lassen. Gebt ihr mir die genehmigjung?
Hi Dirk
Electronic synthpop with an accurate 
and pure 80's sensibility :-)

Hi Dirk 
I hope you can send me some more songs on cdr.
I would like to have other people to have a listen. 
As I said in the last email. I really enjoy your music 
and I think you guys are quite talented. 

people here call me MD Tech 1410.

I've visited your site and downloaded your songs. 
They are really great,you make a synthpop with 
very good feeling and quality. 
I'm from Brazil, and people here like synthpop 
music very much.

Keep it alive and don't give up

MD Tech 1410

P s : I got very curious about DM parties, 
and I'd like to go to one someday. See ya.


I like your music, "Against Me" and "Waste me" are great. 
And, you'll be happy to know your the latest addition to my collection. Right before "Level42" and after 
"Led Zeppelin". And what does "OBM" stand for anyway? I haven't heard of you guys 
(Lederer, and OBM for that matter) here in the States, are you guys pretty popular in Germany? 
Have you been around for a while? Just starting out or 
pretty well established? 
Thanks for the music, and Good Luck with the tour!


Atlanta, GA USA


hi jungs,
also euer link war bei gelinkt.
bin absoluter depeche fan,auch die gruppe mesh ist ein hit.
aber ihr braucht euch wirklich nicht zu verstecken.
sehr gute songs!!! macht weiter so, ich drücke euch die daumen, dass ihr bald ein label findet. ich glaube , 
dass dauert nicht mehr lange. wie gesagt bin absoluter depechefan, aber ich wollte gerade einem kollegen(auch dm-fan)eure seite linken und überzeugen,dass er sich die songs saugt!! ich glaube eurer netzauftritt war ne gute idee,also wirklich ich höre gerade euresongs gerade,während ich dir 
antworte zum x-ten mal.und sie gefallen mir immer besser!!also wenn ihr ne tour macht oder noch andere songs habt,bitte mailt mir. habe lange nicht mehr so eine gute nachwuchsband auf diesem sektor 
gehört. was mir gefällt an euch , ist die gute mischung der melankolie (ist das ricchtig geschrieben?,grins) und power. bei eben andern bands ist mir es manchmal zu "schwer".ich weiß nicht, ob du mich verstehst,aber bitte , wenn ihr noch mehr songs habt,dann 
schreibt mir bitte!!!!!!!!!!
cu ein angehender fan von euch

hi someone linked me to your site and i only found two songs and i read that you have no label as of yet but that shouldnt stop you from making a cd! and i dont have a burner so i cant get one if you decide to go ahead and make a cd outside of a label let me know ill be happy to buy it! thanks 

I checked them out and the songs are pretty good. I'll cut to the chase, I work for an online magazine that publishes information regarding local bands and we do interviews with the goth/industrial/EBM scene. We also give fashion and makeup advice and review shows and concerts. I showed the mp3s to my editor who has final say on everything and she liked the music a lot. If you would be interested in working with us, we can help get your name out to lots more people.

I contact you today cos I read or heard about your activities and thought you could be interested in a collaboration with us. We are very interested in your work and would like to write articles about you in our pages. Feel free to send us promotional material to our address. We do review everything we receive and 
copies of the articles are always sent to the respective persons. 
I really hope to hear from you very soon and wish you all the best from Belgium... 

Someone on Napster sent me your url and I have to say I love your music. 
You need to get it out there...I know it will sell!!   

hey i downloaded a couple of your songs from your site and i just wanted to acknowledge the good work. I wish you the best of luck and dont give up! 
 You guys are fantastic. I will do my best to distribute 
these songs to everyone I know that might like them. 
I know for sure that, when you make a commercial CD, 
I will buy it. Good luck, and try to use a small 
publishing company! The big ones just screw ya'! 
Hi guys!
I can't believe to what my ears are hearing!!! Your music is just unbelievable good!!!!!! I did not anything about you... 
I am listening to your music. I think "against me" could be a world hit for months! Where are you located in Germany? 
Why are you unsigned? I can't believe that the entire world does not know you yet, as you deserve. Where can I buy your CD?
Please, keep me informed about you. Thanks for
Thank you so much for directing me to your music !!!
I appreciate it !!


I am from the uk and enjoyrf the stuff i got from your website. 
Thank you for perfect music. This is realy good.


Great site and great stuff! 

kewl stuff. 
i like DM and this sounds pretty good 

If you can give me some more info and stuff, I can get you played here in Charlottesville, Virginia USA (just in case you don't know where it is). We have a huge 
Goth/Industrial/Synth-Pop scene.....well, I don't know how big it is where you're from, but for our city, it's pretty big. Anyways, I'm like in a Goth band myself, so if there's anything I can do for you guys...just let me know. I also enjoyed your music very much.   
Where (when) can i buy your records? :-)

Dj Miss Pitchbitch ....Denmark. 

I felt taken back to the golden 80's days. Keep the spirit! Your music is great. 
Hello. I was sent a link to your site and i must say i am quite glad i got it. Lederer is one of the best synthpop bands i have heard in a long time.
With the recent plummet in quality of most famous synthpop bands, its refreshing to see there are people out there striving to rekindle the greatness of the music. I really appreciate and look forward to seeing you
soar. Thanks again!


 Hi there, I like your music.

you know,someone on napster turned me on to your site and i have to say that waste me is an awesome song, i look forward to hearing it more frequently. is it some kind of infringement for me to ask a local radio station to play this song?

As my e-mail address suggests I write from the Canary Islands. 
Absolute DM fan and very pleased about having discovered Lederer


The town i am from is home to alot of bands that were signed or are being approached by Cleopatra Records. Its sad to see bands with little talent get big label contracts. On the bright side, if you ever tour the states, let me know and i could see about getting some other people involved. As it is, i've mailed your site to the people associated with 
the record companies that i thought would enjoy it. 
I really hope you dont mind


please send me more downloads I would like the whole versioon of OBM's song feel also send me some lederer please thank you

I just wanted to write and let you know that a person on Napster recommended your stuff and I love it! 
I found your music on the, and I was wondering if I could send an interview survey to someone in your band for my online column,
"Indie Music Interviews". There are just a few questions on it, and it might get a few more people to check out your songs. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!


I love the music, the song "Against me" is great!
How do I buy a CD? I live in the US.

Please write back - I would like to use your music in mixes here in the US.


Greetings from the USA!

He suggested that I visit your site and check
you out - it was definately a worthy click on the web. 
Your music is fresh and entergetic, and I look forward to hearing more from you.
Best of luck in your endevers!

J. Freeman 

I really like the music. The song against me is really cool. 
Keep up the good work hope to see more of you guys. 
Wir haben Eure Page besucht und alle (!!!) Tracks für megageil befunden. Bitte schickt uns doch mal ein bißchen Promomaterial (CDs, Promosheet o.ä.),
damit wir Euch rezensieren können.

Also, bis die Tage


Fantastic..Sound and Voices...Download and have fun..

See ya Doc Vulcan

Okay, thx for the tip! Your Music is fantastic!
I will enjoy it, anytime!

I kinda like it!

Fresh, but yet rooted in synthpop, gloomy but popish at the same time. They say they haven't enough equipment but they seem to forget that it's the 
melody that counts after all, which they hit on the spot. 

Keep it up, looking foward to more from you guys! 
Any idea how much longer its going to be 
before you 3 get a c.d. out? 

hi all, are u guys indie band without labels?
ur music is kind of cool!!
keep going!
I wish my German were good enough to write this all in German, but as it's not, I'll write in English. 
I just heard your and I wanted to let you know 
I really like it! I hope you find a recording label soon, 
so I can get your album. :~)
Thanks you! Good luck with your band!!

.. love the music.
Will try to turn my friends on to it. Eva 
nice songs !!!!

i'm gonna inform some dj's i know, so they can
download them.

they dj at the 'vampire party' in antwerpen, belgium

Hello, and greetings from TEXAS!! 
I enjoy listening to bands on the Internet very much, 
and being curious, I surfed right over. 
First I went to your site, which looks really good, 
and then on to Virtual-Volume to listen to Against Me. I've heard quite a few unsigned bands, and I think 
Lederer's Against Me is extremely good for an 
unsigned band; especially one that has only been together since 1998. 
As soon as I heard it, I voted you UP. 
I've been a pro musician for 30 years, doing gigs, 
songwriting, doing industrial/educational film scoring, 
and working as a studio musician in the larger 
commercial studios in Dallas, Texas USA. 

Vielen Dank für die Zusendung Eurer Promo-CD 'against me'. Um's gleich vorweg zu nehmen, wir finden die CD resp. das Stück sehr gut.
Wir finden Euer Stück (im positiven Sinn) sehr kommerziell, d.h. es braucht intensive Produktions- und Promo-Arbeit um ein entsprechendes Radio- und Club-Airplay zu bekommen.
Als kleines Label, mit entsprechend limitierten 
finanziellen Ressourcen, müssen wir uns auf eine 
Produktionen pro Jahr beschränken und sind nicht in der Lage den notwendigen Aufwand zusätzlich zu leisten.

Ich bin ebenfalls von den neuen songs begeistert!
Euer Treuer Fan


follow this way and i'm sure you will become popular as Depeche Mode or so;
O.K. Scherz beiseite; I meant that more people get 
interested in your music
So good luck

zu allererst kompliment zu dieser tollen demo !!!
sie ist sehr gut produziert - vocal technisch ok - gemischt super.kompliment von unserer seite.
vielen Dank für Eure Mail,
ich höre gerade in Eure mp3's...gefällt mir bisher ganz gut :-) Gibt es eigentlich schon eine CD von Euch ?
Wenn ja...könntet Ihr mir vielleicht eine Promo zukommen lassen ?
Ich revanchiere mich dann mit einem Review auf unser Seite :-) Ansonsten nehmen wir Euch erstmal in unsere Linkliste auf und vielleicht ein kleiner Hinweis auf Eure Homepage auf unser Startseite in den News ? ;-)
Ich meld mich dann nochmal, wenn es was über Euch zu lesen gibt :-)

Toll das sowas heute noch gemacht wird. Ist ne richtig gute Abwechslung nach dem ganzen Pop Schrott. Nur die HP solltet ihr mit ein bischen mehr Details füttern, ansonsten, weiter so, werde euch weiter empfehlen. Wenn ihr mal ne CD rausbringt 
dann lasst es mich wissen. 
Gruss Micha 
ich finde diese musik echt toll! "against me" ist fantastisch. ich will mehr hören - kann ich eine cd irgenwo finden? 
 ich bin wirklich begeistert von Euch sowas gutes habe ich seid Depeche nicht mehr gehört! auf jeden fall brauche ich mehr davon 3 stücke sind mir einfach zu wenig ich wünsche euch alles Glück was gerade zu bekommen ist auf daß ihr zu Stars werdet und von der Musik leben könnt das Potential ist da
kein wunder so wie Ihr die Sachen abgemischt habt...
aber bitte nicht zu Kommerziell!
Wäre schade drum macht weiter auf dark ja ?
Viel erfolg Euch
eine Fan(in).... 
Toller Song... weiter so, dann klappt es auch mit einem 
Bin schon auf neue Sachen gespannt 
Da ich Anhänger der Gothic-Szene bin, hör ich für mein Leben gern Synthypop. Ich hab mir dieses Against Me angehört, und war hin und weg! Begeistert ohne ende! Das klingt echt genial! Bist Du etwa Lederer? Der, der diese Geile Musik macht? Und wenn ja, warum zur hölle hast Du Noch keinen Plattenvertrag? 
Leg Dich mal ins Zeug und besorg dir einen!
Kann mir zwar denken, dass sowas nich leicht is, aber 1.dürfte das bei so cooler Mukke kein Problem sein und 
2.muss sowieso jeder Synthypop fan von dir erfahren!
Lovlely Feeling find ich auch super! Ich bin so begeistert von diesen songs, die laufen meinen CD spieler Tag und Nacht hoch und runter! Wann werden Mehr folgen? Ich hoffe doch bald, denn ich kanns kaum erwarten wieder sowas gutes zu hören!
In diesem Sinne, hoffe ich du antwortest, denn ich finds
cool, mit jemandem Kontakt zu haben, der die Musik macht die ich für mein Leben gern Höre!