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(5-track cd)

Here is a new name in the synthpop world. Very concerned about their visual aspect trying to picture models in the vein of what Silke Bischoff did some years ago. This band also manage to make their contribution to this style of music using a slightly dance approach with some pumping beats mixed with the usual eighties synth sounds and a very pleasant male voice sounding like the soft part of Syntec, “Against Me”, “Waste Me”, without forgetting a kind romantic minimal but effective territory “Loving Feeling”. One last remark: their good Celebrate The Nun cover “Will You Be There”. A promising release. (CX:7/8) CX


Lederer - Homepage Review

Don’t the German people ever get tired of giving us brilliant synthesized poptastic bands? 
It would appear not with Lederer. What I find so very unbelievable is that Lederer are NOT signed- as the songs on this site are incredible hits just waiting to be released!

Waste Me:
The beginning of Waste Me sounds akin to Love Never Dies by those masters of modern synthpop Apoptygma Berzerk. Lederer can easily deliver songs that rival APB any day. 
And Waste Me is a European top 40 single in the making, everything from the solid bass line to the talented vocals make for a song that I believe we may see gracing every European club floor in the very near future!

Against Me:
Superb sing along chorus with this song! This is a band that writes GOOD singles with just about every song they put out! And again I ask myself “why are these guys not on a label like 
A Different Drum? As they provide solid hard synthpop that I think is probably a lot stronger than some of the US synthpop bands that I find to be a bit overrated.

World Wide:
As with the two previous tracks this is another good quality single type song, it would be fair to say that Lederer will appeal to fans of everyone from And One to APB, to Depeche Mode, and 
YES even gothic types! This track features more erratic percussion from the boys in the chorus which helps uplift the feel of the melancholy that this song is trying to put across to the listener. Convincing arpeggiated backbeats with the wave sounds keep a good rhythm going too.

You Don’t Know: 
Probably more aggressive in feel that any song that I’ve previously reviewed by Lederer. 
This one even has a feel of the band Orgy with the vocals - but no guitars. I don’t think that is what the Lederer guys are about. As with all of Lederer’s tracks – a very clean well produced sound is evident- it’s almost criminal that they are not HUGE! 
But I hope they soon will be. Another masterpiece of an act from the people who brought you Kraftwerk!